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The car in the summer for a long time in the high temperature sun exposure direct car up to 80 degrees above the high temperature, speed up the front parts and car accessories aging, while the seat of hot car hot and intolerable. Winter car glass frost, the body of the snow to the owners added a lot of trouble.Have a brave automatic garage protection above all the trouble to get, gently press a key retractable, one person 1 minute easy to complete the car retractable, give you a full range of car protection, anti-sun, rain and snow, dust , Release leaves, anti-bird manure, scratch, anti-theft anti-glare, to protect privacy, really a hand in the hands of the owner worry.


靠品质赢未来,仁恒6大优势-汽车行业高速发展时代 最适合加盟代理的行业之一



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Shenzhen Renheng Smart Industrial Co., Ltd has specialized in research & development and manufacturing of car smart cover since 2014.

Our business model is unique because own the entire supply chain allowing us to monitor and guarantee high quality products at low prices. Our team strives to bring you the best quality product with an easy purchasing experience.

We have been in the market for 3 years and we make it our priority to provide top-notch, personalized service to our customers. In just over a few years, we’ve satisfied over 1,000 customers! We genuinely enjoy what we do and it shows through our commitment to providing a customer experience that exceeds expectations. Our Mission: To provide you, the customer, with the best quality, superior customer service, and lowest prices in the car covers. If you have any questions or comments, please feel free to give us a call or email us at any time. ...


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